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0237 - Blue Steps - 760mm wide - Expamet Treads

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Hand built with attention to detail, both in design and manufacture to ensure total reliability and many years of arduous operation.

All steelwork blue epoxy powder coat finish.
760mm tread width - Expamet treads
All models fitted with hand lock anchorage, when locked the front feet rest firmly on the floor.
Feet fitted with protective plastic floor pads
Wheels: Front swivel and rear fixed castors with 100mm dia white nylon wheels.
Optional accessories available to suit these safety steps include hook-on wire basket and hook on tool tray.

Technical Information:
Tread Width: 760mm
Platform Width: 760mm
Platform Depth: 457mm

No of Treads 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Avg Working Height 2700mm 2900mm 3100mm 3400mm 3600mm 3800mm 4000mm 4300mm 4500mm 4700mm
Platform Height 1145mm 1370mm 1600mm 1830mm 2060mm 2285mm 2515mm 2745mm 2975mm 3200mm
Overall Height 2060mm 2285mm 2515mm 2745mm 2975mm 3200mm 3430mm 3660mm 3890mm 4115mm
Overall Length 1260mm 1435mm 1690mm 1865mm 2045mm 2225mm 2400mm 2580mm 2755mm 2935mm
Overall Width 915mm 915mm 915mm 915mm 915mm 915mm 915mm 915mm 915mm 915mm
Weight 56 Kg 62 Kg 72 Kg 79 Kg 86 Kg 99 Kg 107 Kg 115 Kg 122 Kg 130 Kg

  • Model: CU/ST/0237

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