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0077 - High Economic Safety Steps - Steel Treads

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Steel Treads

Robust fully welded mild steel tubular framework.
Full height hand rails all round.
The Economic Safety Steps move easily on 200mm rubber tyre wheels at the rear and two 100mm swivel castors at the front operated via a side lever.
Finished in a hardwearing BLUE epoxy powder coating.

Technical Information:

No of Treads 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Top Tread Height 1778mm 2030mm 2286mm 2540mm 2794mm 3048mm 3302mm 3555mm 3810mm 4060mm
Working Height 3278mm 3530mm 3786mm 4040mm 4294mm 4548mm 4802mm 5055mm 5310mm 5560mm
Overall Height 2693mm 2945mm 3201mm 3419mm 3709mm 3963mm 4217mm 4470mm 4729mm 4974mm
Overall Length 1560mm 1740mm 1920mm 2090mm 2260mm 2430mm 2610mm 2790mm 2970mm 3140mm
Overall Width 864mm 889mm 915mm 990mm 1067mm 1143mm 1143mm 1220mm 1220mm 1220mm

  • Model: CU/ST/0077

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